DrugU is about drugs (Medicine) and you. Medicines are integral part of modern lifestyle but we know very little about it. If you ever wondered what medicines is used for what? What are its side effects, contraindications, dosage forms, how to take them, what should be kept in mind while taking them?, then you came to right place.

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    Search from our database of Generic medicines, side effects, precautions, their uses, interactions, dosage forms, direction for uses, etc. A list of more than 1600 medicines is available which is updated on regular basis by our team of experts. It's always confusing to remember awkward names of medicines, but now you can easily search any medicine at any time. If you don't find medicine you are looking for? We got you covered, it will be updated by next time you search for it.

    Search various brands and compare prices to find better and cheaper one. There are various brands available for same medicine and if you want to look for better alternative of it, we got you covered. Search through our database of more than 10000+ brands and compare price for different formulations. You can even look for MRPs of different brands available in market.

    Not sure whether you should take two medicines together or not? Well, there are medicines which might interact with each other and cause problem to you. So before taking any medicine, check for its probable interaction. Its always advisable to consult the doctor before taking any medication.

    Sign Up today and manage your prescriptions online. You can upload your prescription manually, or your doctor can prescribe you an e-prescription directly to your account. Your doctor dont know about this? Its time you talk to him and recommend him this website then.

    Book an Appointment with Doctors online. Dont want to wait too much in long ques at doctors clinic? Just book an online appointment and get confirmation from doctor. Pay him a visit and save lots of precisious time on the go.

    Want to take second third opinions? Ask questions to doctors in private or publicly. You can ask detailed information about medicines to pharmacist. Dont just go around looking for advice. Just post your query here and you can get various experts handling your issue. Want second opinion on your prescription? It is easy too.

    Get your digital prescription directly into your profile. Order medicines via it. Its always tedious to maintain the offline prescriptions, isnt it? Just upload it on our server and you can access them anytime. Get digital prescription from your doctor who is registered with us. You can easily read out all instructions as its no longer gibberish with digital prescriptions. Get notified when you need to get medications.

    Want medicines online? Upload your prescription in your profile and we will deliver it to you. Register with us and upload your prescription. We will contact you and ask if you need medicines delivered at your doorstep with cost of it. Once it settled, pay when you receive the medicines. Life is much easier when things are just at your fingertips, isnt it?

    Are you doctor? Register with us to avail lots of benefits from our growing reach. For more detailed benefits, visit registration page and Register yourself.

    Are you a pharmacist? This is your place to showcase and create identity by helping patients. For more detailed benefits, visit registration page and Register yourself.
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