It is the fusion of Information technology with health care system. This project of Protyle group is to connect society with the pharmacy profession. The features provided under this service are:
Drug and Drug store search and navigation. | Hospital search and details.
Price comparison of drugs of different companies.
Patient Councelling | Drug History maintanance
News and Articles | RMP and Hospital Control
and many other useful services.

Drug Search

Looking at prescription and do not know what those name means? Do not worry at all. Just search it by Brand name or Drug active API name. More of all you can compare prices of different drug brands.


Disease Search

Got a disease and curious enough to know about it? Do not worry here is the search box for you. Enter the name of disease troubling you and get inside about it. Its now easy to get detailed information on any disease you want to know about.

If you are not satisfied with search, you can always take our free councelling session with our online pharmacists.

Hospital/Doctor Search

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Drug Store Locator

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