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This post is going to be all about the pharmacist. The poor guys who are in the retail business of selling medicines. As such, the process looks very simple and even trained monkey can perform it, but well they don’t have licence for that, so pharmacists are hired for it. We want our community to grow at rate beyond our imagination and thus we decided to address the elephant in the room.

Let me ask you few questions:

  • Are you a Pharmacist?
  • Do you own a retail medicine store?
  • Do you have patient base who are regular customers?
  • Are you suffering loss due to online medicine websites and heavy discounts offered by them?
  • Do you want to offer bigger discounts to your customers and increase your selling?
  • Do you want to take your business online for free?

Well, your search ends now. We are ready to join with you and grow into one giant family which cannot be bullied by any external force. We want to protect your rights and your customers. How are we going to do that you ask? Well, its pretty simple if you believe us.

What are we offering?

  • Online storage of prescriptions of your patients and counselling option on the go. They can contact you anytime and you can respond anytime.
  • You can deliver the prescription right to their home with your own freedom and make your customers happy.
  • Get noticed. Yes, these giant companies are growing because you are selling their medicines. We will make sure, your efforts are worth something.
  • Know nearby customers in your locality and grow your customers. We sure will help you with it.
  • If you have customer base of more than 500 prescriptions per month, we will deliver medicines for you. Yes, for free.
  • We are trying to eliminate the middle man here, so you don;’t have to buy from wholesaler. So you will have more profit margin for you and bigger discount for your customers as well. Win-Win.
  • Don’t worry, your data is well preserved with us. We will take permission before we share any personal information with anyone. We comply with all regulations.

You must be thinking, “There is no thing as Free meal, there must be some catch.” Well, its free meal for you. We are not charity, but we don’t have to charge you. We have bigger fishes to fry. (So Honest!)

What we expect from you?

  • Make your users to register on our our website.
  • Make them upload their prescriptions on their profile, so that you can provide them various facilities, we are offering.
  • You advertise us, we advertise you.

Yep, that is all we want from you. It is as simple as that. If you have more questions, feel free to drop mail at for any sort of inquiries.

The android app is out

Wooohoooo!  We are continuously making efforts to make this site beautiful and accessible to you. We want to improve the health care system of India and take it to the next level. So to give you the power, the service is now also available as Android App (DrugU App). Download it now and you can access the website, whenever you want.

We follow ancient system of medicine. There are developments all around but in nutshell, we rely on doctors to provide us information. Sometimes doctors have time to guide us and usually time is constraint. I am sure, you might not even be knowing the creature called “Pharmacist”.

This app will help you understand things you need to know about medicines you take on daily basis. Medicines are harmful as you might be knowing it already. Some of the core features of this app will be:

# Medicine and Brand search
# Brand Comparison
# Side effect profiles and Drug Interactions
# Prescription management
# Online orders of medicines
# Book an appointment with available doctors
# Ask questions directly to doctors or visible to others
# Get e-prescriptions by visiting our affiliate doctors or upload it manually to maintain drug history
# Get recommendations from our experts via emails
# If you are a doctor, join us to be part of digital era
# Unlucky pharmacist? Join this portal to showcase your inner potential by helping patients understand medicines better
# Own a drug store? Contact us. You can fulfill prescriptions of our patients

Register today.