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    The current era is of hard competition and to stay ahead in competition one must adapt to change. Register with us and increase your reach by attracting new patients. Patients in nearby area will see you in their search result and will know about you and your achievements. They can easily contact you based on your information available with us. We will promote you with our expanding community.

    Turn your hospital into a online community. Patients will find you and book appointment depending on schedule of your clinic. You can control the timing, vacation mode, break time, etc. for easy appointment handling. Respond to inquiry of appointments to confirm or deny the appointment and manage your patients more efficiently.

    Are you still following the ancient tradition of pen-paper prescription? Do your patients maintain their prescriptions? Well, write them online with our service and once its given to patients, its recorded with us forever. No more bad handwriting issues, no more boring pen-paper. Now you can check patient anywhere and directly write precription for him/her. You can see previous lab records, medication history for patient by just one click. Impressive isnt it?

    Keep your brain sharp and knowledge updated. Be part of our community and answer questions asked by our users. Provide your inputs and make health care service easy to understand for patients. There might be some patients who will ask you direct questions, they might be your existing patients. Solve their query and maintain long term relationship with your patients. You can serve lot many purposes by answering single questions. Believe us, you have no idea!

    You might be wondering, how can you get promotion in digital prescription? Well, you can have custom headers for prescriptions you write. You can either upload image or simply provide text information which will be arranged in header. Set it once and everytime you write a prescription, you are increasing your reach. No need to pay for those letter heads anymore.


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